There are many different types of cladding designs and materials and so trying to find the right one can be difficult. Bliby Plastics has a great range of cladding for you, one of which is shiplap PVC cladding, and in order to help you find out whether this is the best option for your or not, we have provided some of its benefits of using this type of material 

Weather Resistance

Deciding to use shiplap PVC cladding is a great idea if you are working on a structure that is outside such as a shed, something like the exterior of your house, and you need it to be watertight. The shape of the shiplap cladding means that it can slot together with the other boards tightly, and the curved top means that water is more easily able to get off of the surface quicker, so that the surface can start drying quicker. This is a desirable trait, as you don’t have to worry about the problems of rot that can be associated with other materials such as wood. 


When you are putting together something like a shed and you are using cladding, then you want to have the reassurance of your cladding being  strong and durable. The way that shiplap PVC cladding connects together with the boards that surround it can provide a stable structure, and so when you are going into your new shed to work you can feel comfortable knowing that your cladding is providing you with protection against the elements and standing strong. 

Tidy Appearance

When you use shiplap PVC cladding, you are able to get a very tidy finished look, thanks to the panels being able to slot together closely, so this isn’t just a benefit for keeping water out, or your structure sturdy. This final appearance can present both a rustic and modern look, and so can be preferable to many people, and if you are trying to find a stand out and aesthetically pleasing exterior for your home that also has practical benefits, then shiplap may be just what you need. 

Varying Designs 

Everyone has different preferences, especially when it comes down to appearances, and this is why shiplap PVC cladding is an ideal choice for you because it is available in a wide range of options. Some examples of the options that are available include; Rosewood, Irish Oak, Anthracite Grey, Cream, and more. You will be able to purchase the cladding that is going to suit your property best, so that when you look at your home you can take pride in the way that it looks. 

Welcome to Bliby Plastics

If you are reading these benefits that we have listed and think that shiplap PVC cladding is just what you are looking for, then we would be delighted to assist you further. Bliby Plastics has been running for more than 35 years, has a varied stock of cladding, and other PVC plastic items that can be used for your home. 

The products that we have are high quality yet affordable, and we have a team that provides customer service and support that is second to none, and bespoke services should you need something cut to a specific size for your project. If you would like to talk to our staff about your plastic needs, then you can reach out to us using or by calling 01233 720486, and we’ll be happy to help.