Looking after your guttering and its accompanying features is an important aspect of home maintenance because problems can cause long-term damage and become expensive to fix if they are not tended to properly. Bliby Plastics can provide you with a number of different PVC plastic items, including a UPVC downpipe, which carries out the important function of keeping the rainwater away from your building. There are a number of problems that can occur with a downpipe which can have knock-on effects, and we have listed some examples below, so that you can make sure that you can detect and fix the problems quickly when they occur.


When something requires a clear passage to function properly, a blockage is highly inconvenient and can stop the smooth process from occurring, and allow problems to develop. Because your UPVC downpipe is outside, blockages can happen fairly easily due to things such as nests, leaves, dirt and even animals becoming stuck in the pipe. This blockage means that the water cannot flow out to where it needs to go and this can lead to a build up and overflow of stagnant water, which is bad for health and your property. By carrying out regular checks is important to avoid these circumstances.

Freezing During the Winter

During the winter time your UPVC downpipe can face the harsh reality of the elements. The cold may cause the water inside your pipe to freeze, and this can expand and because of the hardness of ice, your pipe may experience cracking. Once the ice has thawed, you will see that the cracks that were formed when it was ice, is now causing leaks, which means that you are going to have water falling onto places that you don’t want it to, such as your house, and this can be problematic for rot and damp. If your UPVC downpipe is frozen, you can pour hot water onto the pipe to start the thawing process more quickly.

Loose Brackets

The brackets that hold your UPVC downpipe to your property to keep it in place; however, if one of the brackets is broken or loosens then you may find that your pipe shifts positions, and this can cause problems. For example, because your UPVC downpipe is not where it needs to be, it means that it is not as stable as it should be, and this may cause the water within your pipe to be dispersed in the wrong place.

Incorrect positioning

When you have a UPVC downpipe installed, you need to make sure that the end of the pipe is positioned so that the water enters a gully or something similar. This will prevent water from building up in areas where it cannot drain properly, and large pools of water can cause problems with bacterial growth and structural issues.

How Can We Help?

A UPVC drainpipe is susceptible to a number of problems and that they need to be fixed or your downpipe replaced before bigger problems can occur. Bliby Plastics wants to help customers who are in situations like this and among others such as; needing new cladding, soffits, fascias and more. We supply high quality products and have done for more than 35 years, so you can trust us to provide you with first class customer service, products and knowledge as a result of our vast amount of experience, and the hard work that we have carried out over the years.

Simply give us a call on 01233 720486, or email sales@bliby.net with any questions about our products, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.