Why Every Home Needs Exterior PVC Cladding

The exterior of your home is one of the very first elements that passers-by will see, so why would you not try and make it look the best it can? In recent years, there has been an increase in popularity for one notable trend – the use of PVC cladding, but what is it? 


So that you also recognise the benefits, the team at Bliby Plastics have united their expertise to list just a few of the many reasons why every home needs exterior PVC Cladding. 


What is PVC cladding?


Before we go any further, you must be fully aware of what PVC cladding is. First developed in the 1970s, PVC cladding is a decorative exterior wall finish that is assembled in panels to create a smooth surface that is clean, fresh and modern. It is assembled in panel formation typically using a tongue and groove system, making it a quick installation process considering all of the benefits provided. 


Just a few of the many benefits


  • Aesthetically pleasing


As stated above, the primary reason that exterior PVC cladding has gained popularity is due to the aesthetically pleasing finish that is created once it has all been installed. With the smooth and minimalistic surface layer, the exterior of your home will look modern and contemporary without having to break the bank. 


If you are keen to increase the uniqueness of your home, then why not incorporate some colour? Depending on who you obtain your supplies from, it’s likely that you will have the opportunity to install coloured cladding, most of which are specific single colours, some appearing as alternative finishes such as oak wood. 


  • Weather-proofing


Aside from looking great, the main purpose of installing PVC cladding is for protection purposes. Especially in the United Kingdom where we are prone to random weather conditions such as heavy rain and wind, the cladding will act as the first line of deference to stop the weather conditions from being able to damage the property. Especially for older homes made of timber, this is an ideal solution to protect major damage and the requirement for the replacement in fixtures of your home. 


  • Very little maintenance is required


This is more of a comparison to what you would have to do if you didn’t have the cladding in place, but the point still stands the same. Looking at timber homes once again, you would need to carry out a wealth of maintenance to ensure that your home is safe and secure, which the cladding prevents as we have mentioned above. Even then, the cladding requires very little maintenance once it has been installed, where it simply needs a clean and checking over every once in a while to guarantee the best results. 


  • Quick and easy installation


PVC cladding panels are also very quick and easy to install – regardless of the time of the year. This is because the panels can easily be cut to size, where they are also considered as a do-it-yourself solution due to the installation process that doesn’t even require grouting to fit. 


Get all of your supplies from us


The only thing now is to find a dependable supplier for PVC cladding, which is where we can help. Having been in operation for over 25 years, here at Bliby Plastics we have gained a glowing reputable thanks to our ever-expanding selection of products from the industries leading brands for great prices. From PVC cladding to fascias and guttering, we are certain to have exactly what you require, as well as being able to fit within your specific budget. 

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