What Makes UPVC Interior Cladding So Popular 

Traditionally, when planning their interior design, homeowners will think of using things like paint, wallpaper or tiles on their walls, but nowadays, there is another brilliant option to consider; wall cladding. More and more homeowners are starting to use uPVC interior cladding in multiple different rooms, from the kitchen and the bathroom to the living room, and it really is a brilliant option to consider when you’re decorating your home. 

If you don’t know much about wall cladding and you’ve never really thought about using something other than the traditional solutions for your interior design, keep reading today. Below we have looked into some of the main advantages of uPVC interior cladding that makes it such a popular choice amongst homeowners these days. 

Cladding panels are straightforward to install

When compared to tiles and wallpaper, uPVC interior cladding is incredibly quick and easy to install. Wall cladding panels simply slot into one another and even if you’ve never used cladding before, it is highly likely that you will be able to install these panels yourself without any hassle. Not having to mess around with grouting or wallpaper paste is really beneficial too and you can save a lot of time when you’re redecorating your home. 

Cladding panels couldn’t be easier to keep clean 

UPVC interior cladding is a popular choice in places like bathrooms and kitchens because it is waterproof and mildew resistant, and it also prevents bacterial growth too, so you never need to worry in this regard. These panels require very little maintenance in general and simply wiping them down with a wet cloth will keep them looking their best for years to come. You won’t have to worry about small touch-ups either like you do with paint. 

Cladding panels come in a variety of designs 

Whether you’re using wall cladding all over the bathroom, as a splashback in the kitchen or a feature wall in the living room, there are so many different styles and designs to choose from. UPVC interior cladding comes in a huge range of colours and patterns, and it is incredibly easy to find something that works perfectly for your intended use. In fact, you will be spoilt for choice when choosing the type of wall cladding to install. 

Cladding panels can hide a number of imperfections

Arguably, one of the best things about wall cladding is that you can install it on top of whatever is currently on your walls and if you have chips in your walls, for example, you won’t have to fill these in or re-plaster either. UPVC interior cladding really can hide any imperfections on your walls and it is brilliant if your walls are slightly uneven too. Much less work will be required to make your interior walls look flawless when you simply install cladding panels. 

Cladding panels are budget-friendly 

The upfront price of uPVC interior cladding is surprisingly affordable and it won’t cost you a fortune, even if you wanted to use cladding on every wall in your bathroom, for example. Of course, you will save a lot of money during the installation process by being able to DIY the job too and you will also save money in the long run by not having to carry out any maintenance work. Wall cladding is really durable as well, so it won’t need replacing for many years. 

Installing uPVC interior cladding 

All in all, there really are so many benefits to installing wall cladding in your home rather than using paint, wallpaper or tiles and it is no surprise that so many homeowners are starting to use it in various rooms in their homes. No matter which space you’re wanting to redecorate, it is always worthwhile looking at some of the different uPVC interior cladding options available and you definitely wouldn’t regret choosing this modern solution. 

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