What is Soffit Cladding?

Soffit boards are an important part of your external cladding even though they are often overlooked by many homeowners. They fit on the underside of the common rafters, protecting them from the impact of the weather. This means that their role is significant and you should take care to maintain them and replace them when necessary. Here at Bliby Plastics, we’re committed to providing our customers with easily accessible supplies of UPVC items, like soffit cladding. 


In the past, items like these soffits have been made out of timber but the development of UPVC has revolutionised the way that it works. We have been able to manufacture soffit cladding that is significantly cheaper and more effective than any other material on the market, making it easy for you to upkeep and maintain your home. Whether you’re looking for vented soffit boards or imitation timber boards, we can offer you the perfect style for you to pick through.


The Benefits of Installing high-quality Soffit Cladding

  • Help to Protect your Property


Your soffits are the first line of defence between your rafters and the impact of the weather. Over exposure to rain, cold and sun, your timber rafter can start to rot and disintegrate and the walls can suffer a lot from the water damage and mould that it can sustain as a result. The best way for you to keep your home and its structure safe and protected is to keep the timbers covered. On top of your roof, this would be your tiles but the underside is just as important. Using uPVC soffit cladding is the best way to do this because it is affordable, easy to install and effective against the weather all year round.

  • Acts as a Thermal Insulator 


Not only does this mean that soffit cladding is keeping your timber properly protected from the weather, but it can also keep your heating bills as low as possible. With the rising energy prices, you’ll want to keep your spending down as much as possible and soffit cladding can help you with this. By keeping the cold weather out of your home and stopping the heat from escaping, you can ensure that your bill is as low as humanly possible. You can combine this with double or triple glazing windows to really make the most of your central heating system.

  • Visually Improves your Exterior


Another benefit of soffit cladding is the fact that it helps to complete the look of your home. Open rafters don’t look particularly pleasing on the eye, especially if you’ve done up the rest of your exterior nicely. Installing uPVC soffits can complete the space, increasing its street appeal and style. Importantly, you can benefit from the range of designs that UPVC can create. This means that you can create any aesthetic you’d like. While the plain white soffits are particularly popular, you can also choose from a range of imitation styles, like imitation timber cladding.

  • Easy to Maintain


While in the past soffit cladding has been made out of timber, this has always been difficult to maintain. This is why uPVC has become really popular. It’s easy to maintain, only needing to be cleaned every so often rather than needing to be treated and carefully cleaned like timber. As a result, it is the ideal choice for the high, difficult to reach part of your roof.


If you’d like to find out more about soffit cladding or the UPVC products that we offer, then head over to our website or give our team a call today on 01233 720 486. We would be happy to help.

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