What Is Hygienic Wall Cladding?

PVC wall cladding has become increasingly popular over the last few years, and there is a good reason so, it looks great. With that being said, there have now been further developments in the different types of wall cladding available, where hygienic wall cladding has become a much more favoured option for indoor purposes, but what is it? 


Brief overview


The fundamental of cladding is that it’s an additional layer that is installed or applied over the to of the existing layer, often the main wall structure. In the case of hygienic wall cladding, it has been created with PVC or uPVC like all traditional plastic cladding is, but has been further developed to be incorporated in an environment where sanitation and cleanliness are key. 




  • Hygienic 


As the name probably gives away, this type of PVC wall cladding over others has been designed specifically for hygienic purposes. This is primarily due to its waterproof nature, which means that any spills will simply result in splashbacks rather than sticking and staining the original wall structure. 


Comparing against tiles as an example, it’s very hard for bacteria to build up in any cracks or holes that are much more apparent on tiles due to the installation process. As a result, the cladding can easily be completely cleaned whilst also guaranteeing that no bacteria will assemble in small or hidden components that can easily go unmissed. 


  • Aesthetically pleasing


You will also be pleased to hear that hygienic wall cladding is also very aesthetically pleasing. Thanks to the seemingly smooth and modern finish, the cladding can fit into almost every environment to create a fresh and sleek result will also provide the main benefit of being extremely hygienic. 


Not only that, but it’s also extremely likely that you can design the wall cladding to your desires. This includes making the cladding into different shapes, sizes and patterns, as well as changing the colour so that it fits more suitable into the room if prefered. 


  • Durable


One of the fundamental advantages of using PVC wall cladding is that it’s extremely durable. This is ideal for some environments where the occasional object might end up hitting the cladding, though it’s very unlikely that it will damage the panel considerably. With that being said, replacing a whole cladding panel is also a fairly easy task, where it can simply be removed and replaced, which can’t be said for tiles as it may require additional resources to ensure the surrounded tiles are supported. 


  • Low maintenance


The lack of required maintenance is also a key factor why hygienic wall cladding is so popular. This is because the only maintenance primarily requires is to simply clean the cladding as often as possible to avoid anything from sticking to the surface, which is very unlikely anyway due to the fact it’s designed to resist any liquids. 


Notable industries that use hygienic wall cladding


Several food preparation facilities, such as kitchens and preparation factories are one of the primary locations where hygienic wall cladding is favoured. This is because there are endless opportunities for spills and bacteria to be spread, all of which will attempt to settle onto walls so that it can grow. 


The same goes for medical centres, such as hospitals, clinics and surgeries, where it’s vital that no bacteria can grow or spread, as this can potentially result in a variety of issues including health risks. 


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