Things To Consider When Replacing Your Old Downpipes

The downpipes on your property are responsible for ensuring that any rainwater collected in the guttering is carried away from your home and their role is actually more important than homeowners tend to realise. Downpipes, also commonly known as downspouts or drain spouts, make up an integral part of your roofline products and they are commonly found attached to the corners of a property, extending to ground level. 

Like all other roofline products, your downpipes aren’t indestructible and they will require replacing over time. Whilst this is quite a straightforward job and it is usually something that homeowners will be able to do themselves, there are a few important decisions to make when replacing your old downpipes. If you’ve never purchased new downpipes before and you’re wondering where to start, be sure to think about the following;

The material of the downpipes 

Traditionally, downpipes were made with cast iron or lead, but there are a number of other modern materials to choose from nowadays, including; uPVC, steel and aluminium. Generally speaking, uPVC downpipes tend to be the most popular amongst homeowners due to their up-front affordability, ease of installation and low maintenance. So, explore uPVC downpipes in more detail and consider which material you’d like your new downpipes to be made from.

The colour of the downpipes

When opting for uPVC downpipes, you will have a range of different colours to choose from. Usually, uPVC products are white, however, lots of downpipes are also available in black and brown, and these two colours are a common sight at modern properties. Think about which colour would best compliment your home and its surroundings, and when doing so, take into consideration the colour of other exterior products like your windows and doors. 

The shape of the downpipes

Many don’t realise that downpipes are available in different shapes and whilst they tend to predominantly be round, you can also purchase square downpipes too. Generally speaking, the shape of the downpipe won’t affect the drainage of rainwater, but it will make a big difference to the appearance of your home. Take a look at both round downpipes and square downpipes and consider which would be most suited to your property. Often, homeowners opt for the same shape downpipes as their guttering, so bear this in mind when making your decision. 

The placement of the downpipes 

As mentioned above, downpipes are usually found at the corners of properties, but their placement will differ slightly depending on a number of factors. When you’re replacing your old downpipes, think about whether you’d like to change their placement and if there is a more convenient location for them. Don’t forget to take into consideration whether you will need to fit a swan neck or an offset depending on where you’re installing them as well. 

The replacement of other roofline products 

Often, when replacing one of your roofline products, it is a good time to replace the others too. So, take a look at what condition your fascia boards, soffit boards and gutters are in, and consider whether it would be worthwhile replacing them whilst you’re replacing your downpipes. If you currently have any timber roofline products, there are a number of benefits to upgrading these to uPVC and this is definitely an improvement that is worth looking into in more detail. 

Purchasing uPVC downpipes

If your old downpipes are looking worse for wear, replacing them isn’t a job you should put off doing and you will always thank yourself for installing new roofline products. Hopefully, the information above will be beneficial when you’re purchasing new downpipes and it can help you to ensure that you’re investing in the best products for your home. 

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