Things To Consider When Installing Fortex Cladding

As you may already know, Fortex cladding is an incredibly popular range of exterior PVC wall cladding and for many homeowners, it is their first choice when deciding to revamp their home’s facade. There are numerous different benefits to opting for Fortex cladding and when compared to some of the other options available on the market, is it no surprise that this range of innovative products is so sought after. 


Once you have chosen this specific type of cladding for your home, you will still have lots of additional things to think about before you go ahead and order everything that you need to transform the exterior of your property. So, to help any homeowners who have just decided to invest in Fortex cladding, our team of PVC cladding suppliers have put together a list of different things you should ensure that you consider before placing your order.  


How much of your home’s exterior do you want to cover?


This is one of the very first things that you need to think about. Some homeowners decide to cover their whole home in external cladding boards, whereas others will simply cover a small area such as a porch, so consider what you’re wanting to do in this regard. Take a look at other houses for inspiration and think about what will work best for your style of property. 


What colour will work best on your property?


All Fortex cladding comes with a realistic wood effect, yet you have a range of colours to choose from. From creams and browns to blues and greens, there is something for everyone in their cladding range. Take some time to think about which colour will perfectly complement the rest of your home and you may even want to order some different samples before you decide. 


Do you want a different trim colour?


Many homeowners are unaware that you can have different trim colours and they don’t necessarily need to be the same as your cladding boards. So, you should also consider whether you’re wanting a different trim colour or not. Using a Fortex cladding visualiser will be incredibly helpful at this point, you can then play around with different colour combinations. 


Are you aware of how much shiplap and weatherboard you need?


It goes without saying that it is essential to know exactly how much shiplap cladding and weatherboard cladding you require when ordering the products you need to transform your home. It is so important to get this right, so take your time when measuring the space you’re wanting to cover. You don’t want to order too little and not be able to finish the job. 


Have you got a budget in mind?


When purchasing online from a PVC cladding supplier, you will easily be able to see Fortex cladding costs which can make it easier for you to budget. When looking at everything required, be sure to consider how much you were hoping to spend and if you’re needing to cut your Fortex cladding costs, think about how this will be realistically possible. 


Will you be installing the cladding yourself?


Thankfully, all of the Fortex cladding panels are known for being lightweight and easy to install, so many homeowners are able to simply carry out the installation themselves. You should consider if this is something that you’re interested in doing or if you’re going to require assistance from an experienced professional. 


Installing Fortex cladding at your property 


When taking the time to consider what’s mentioned above, you can ensure that you have thought through absolutely everything before you place your order for the Fortex cladding that you need. You can then relax knowing that when your order arrives, you can go ahead and start transforming your home’s facade. If you have any questions at all before you place your order for Fortex cladding, don’t hesitate to contact our team here at Bliby Plastics today. 


As a family-run PVC cladding supplier, you can guarantee that we can both answer your questions and also provide you with the Fortex cladding that you need. We deliver to homeowners across the UK and we pride ourselves on delivering nothing but high-quality products. Over our three decades of experience, we have worked hard to develop the trust of our customers for being the company you can rely on. So, you are in the best hands when you choose us to be your PVC cladding supplier. 

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