Things To Consider When Installing Decking In Your Garden

With summer just around the corner, lots of homeowners are starting to prepare their outdoor space for parties in the sunshine with family and friends. At this time of year, many will decide to install decking too and there is no denying that there are so many advantages to having a decking area in your garden. Not only will decking improve the appearance of your outdoor space, but it will provide you with the perfect place to put your garden furniture as well. 

Decking is often a more popular choice than paved patios nowadays and thankfully, it isn’t too complicated to install so you can even DIY this home improvement project. If you’re interested in installing decking in your garden this year and you’re starting to work on the design, it is fair to say that you will have a lot to think about. So, to help you ensure you don’t overlook anything important, below is a list of essential things to consider.

The main purpose of the decking 

When you know how you’re going to be using the new decking, it is often easier to design. So, think about whether you’re going to use the decking as a sociable space for entertaining or somewhere cosy to relax, for example. You will likely find that the main purpose of the decking goes on to influence many of the other design decisions that you make. 

Where you’re going to install the decking 


You may find that there is one clear space in your garden for the decking, but if there isn’t, take some time to consider where would be best to install it. Often, homeowners will either have the decking adjoining their property or at the end of their garden, but it really can be installed anywhere. Think about things like where the sun sets and if neighbours are overlooking your garden when you choose a location for the decking. 

How big you need the decking to be 

Both size and shape are something else you’ll need to think about when installing decking in your garden. Think about the size of your garden and how much of this outdoor space you’re willing to take up with the decking. Also, make sure you’re taking into consideration the amount of space you need to accommodate the main purpose of the decking area too. 

What material of decking boards you’re going to use 

Many don’t realise that there is a range of decking boards to choose from and you don’t have to install timber decking if you don’t want to. Other material options include composite decking which is lower maintenance than wood but quite expensive and PVC decking which is often considered to be the best of both worlds. Look into all of the material options available and weigh up the pros and cons of each of them. 

How you’re going to lay the decking boards 

There are lots of different ways to lay your decking boards too and whilst traditionally, they are laid horizontally, you can get more creative if you’d like to. For a more contemporary feel, consider laying the boards diagonally or for a decorative appearance consider a chevron pattern. Again, take some time to look into the options available in this regard. 

If you want a balustrade system 

Whether you’re going to have ground-level decking or raised decking, which will likely be dictated by the location that you choose, consider whether you’d like a balustrade system. This will enclose the space and in addition to being a practical feature, it also adds decoration. However it isn’t essential, so think about whether it’s an added extra you’d like to have. 

Purchasing garden decking boards 

Hopefully, if you’re wanting to install decking in your garden this summer, the information above will be beneficial. Taking the time to consider all of these different things should give you a better idea of what your individual needs are for your decking and you can then ensure that what you install is perfect for your home. When searching for somewhere to purchase classic decking boards that are 140mm wide, be sure to visit the Bliby Plastics website. 

We supply a wide range of essential decking products from a well-known leading brand; Twinson and you can purchase from us in confidence knowing that you will be getting a durable product at a very competitive price. We offer a nationwide delivery service to our customers too and as long as the goods are in stock, we aim to get them dispatched for next day delivery. To find out more about the decking boards that we supply or to order some samples, contact our expert team today who will be more than happy to assist you further. 

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