The Products That Have Put Bliby Plastics On The Map

Whilst it might not seem like it, it can prove to be rather difficult sourcing a company in the Kent area which has a large collection of building products to offer that will not force you to break the bank. That being said, in Bliby Plastics, you have an organisation which has, for more than thirty five years, consistently achieved total and utter satisfaction for its customers. Below, we have taken the liberty of putting the spotlight on the products that have allowed us to build an immaculate reputation – we hope that these will show you why we are deserving of your business.

Exterior Cladding

If you were to conduct a poll amongst past customers in regards to why they elected Bliby Plastics to be their Kent-based PVC product supplier, you can be rest-assured that most of them would point towards our exceptional exterior cladding selection. Since we first opened our doors for business, we have remained committed to supplying wall cladding that is both durable and stylish – there are few firms that can match us in this regard. Factor in our competitively-low prices, and you are left with a solution with seemingly no-downsides.   


Although this has been somewhat of a relatively recent addition to our catalogue, it would be true to say that it has been a hit with our audience. As far as home improvements go, guttering systems are certainly something which you cannot overlook. Here at Bliby Plastics, it does not matter if you are a fan of the cascade cast-iron style, or you are seeking to improve upon your existing downpipes with ones that offer an improved water flow. We are always looking to put a smile on the faces of our customers, and will do all that we can to achieve this.

Interior Cladding

Should you be searching for an innovative way in which to redecorate your bathroom, that not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also ensures that you can save money on your energy bills, look no further than Bliby Plastics’ interior cladding. More specifically, our vast range of Geo-panels are stunning to look at, and can provide you with additional levels of insulation. In the long-run, you will take great pleasure reaping the rewards from this particular investment. 

Highlighting Our Reputation

By now, you should have developed more of an understanding as to some of the prominent products that we stock; we have not even mentioned the soffits and fascia boards which regularly come in for praise. However, we would regret not taking the time to point you in the direction of our stunning collection of Google Reviews. These have been amassed over a number of years, and are testimony to the hard work and dedication that we have invested into our firm, in order to procure top-tier results for our clients. If you are wondering why it is that we deserve your trust, these should be fairly convincing. 

Want To Begin Your Journey?

We hope that after having read through the list provided above, you will now be firmly under the impression that Bliby Plastics is the company which is best-suited to cater to your particular needs. Whether you are a construction contractor that is stocking up for an upcoming project, or are simply looking to complete some DIY work yourself, we should have no-trouble in producing an outcome that leaves you beaming from ear-to-ear. Are you thinking about placing an order, but need to ask a couple of questions before pulling the trigger? If so, our customer support team can be reached at 01233 720486 – they will be more-than happy to discuss your needs in greater detail. 

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