The Importance of Efficient Guttering

Although many people may think otherwise, guttering is one of the most important structural features of a property. Indeed, gutters and drainage pipes that are damaged or inefficient can cause immeasurable damage to a home if left unchecked.

Happily, even if you dislike DIY you should find it relatively easy to replace domestic gutters and pipes. However, when it comes to the actual installation, you will first need to be clear about the material you want to use and the way it is manufactured.

Although there are several different gutter and pipe materials available these days, most people choose from either cast iron or UPVC. Cast iron guttering is incredibly hard wearing and looks very attractive; however, this is reflected in the price. UPVC guttering on the other hand is a much more affordable option, although it will typically need replacing more regularly than cast iron.

Sectional or seamless?
Domestic gutters are normally constructed in either seamless or sectional units. Seamless gutters are effectively one long strip, whereas sectional gutters come in several smaller strips. Although seamless gutters are generally less prone to leakages, they can be sometimes be problematic to install. In contrast, sectional gutters afford a more straightforward installation as they are very easy to transport. However, they are more likely to develop leaks than their seamless counterparts.

Regardless of whether you choose cast iron or UPVC; sectional or seamless: you can be sure that effective gutters and pipes will keep your home in tip-top condition.

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