The Importance of Effective Gutter Maintenance

Although gutter maintenance is not one of the most appealing topics to concern yourself with, it is something which you need to address. Regardless of whether you have cast iron or uPVC guttering, you will need to make sure you clear out your gutters at least once a year otherwise they will fall into a state of disrepair and need replacing all too soon.

The best time to clear your gutters is at the end of autumn/start of winter. This is because you can remove all of the leaves which have just fallen without fear of their being anymore for at least another nine or ten months. Furthermore, it is always handy to have fully working gutters in the winter as the inclement weather can often play havoc with your drainage pipes.

The actual task of clearing gutters is relatively straightforward when you use a suitable tool such as a scraper or trowel. However, if you are not physically able to clear your own guttering then you should source the services of a local gutter clearing professional (or willing relative) to take care of the task for you.

If you live in an area where lots of leaves or additional debris gets into your gutters then you might like to consider covering them with some fine mesh wiring. This will help to prevent anything large from getting stuck in your drainage pipe, although it will most likely need clearing more often than once a year.

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