The Cladding Colours Which Are A Hit In 2021

In times gone by, searching for the cladding was considered to be somewhat of a chore, simply due to the fact that the lack of choice and diversity was astounding. Wherever you went, you could expect to be presented with formulaic and boring designs which meant that your home was bound to conform with that of your neighbour. However, the industry has come a long way in the past few years. Now, as Bliby Plastics is pleased to be able to illustrate to you, there are a wide variety of colours from which to choose from.


For those of you that reside within a slightly older property, the chances are that you will want to try and blend your choice of cladding in with the original aesthetics. Should this be the case, we would suggest that you look no further than slate cladding. The deep black of this option is something that can offer a subtle solemness to your home. Whilst some may argue that this is not an atmosphere that you would usually associate with a domestic home, there is nothing wrong with using darker shades to add a little class to your house. 


This is certainly not something for the fainthearted – if you decide that you wish to opt for ruby cladding, you must be prepared for the intense stares that your home is going to get. The reason for this is that, as you can imagine, the red colour is striking to say the least. It can be spotted from miles away, and will dazzle all those that walk by. That being said, for the right property, this can truly allow you to indulge your creative side – this is not something that is usually associated with cladding.


Most individuals with experience in the cladding industry would agree that, in terms of cladding, fascias, and soffits, ash is by far-and-away one of the most popular colour choices, and it is not difficult to see why this is. Not too bold so as to draw attention, whilst simultaneously not allowing a property to simply fade into the background. There is nothing not to like about this style, and is perfect if you want to remain neutral.


There are few people in this world that would typically combine a shade of green with cladding; that being said, there is no denying the fantastic effect that can be enjoyed when you install avocado cladding onto a property’s exterior. In essence, this is a way in which you can deviate away from more bland styles, whilst simultaneously not being too daring. This is a design that perfectly combines a creative twist with a basic colour palette – this is certainly not something to be passed over without a second glance.

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