The Benefits of Installing Hygienic Cladding

If you work in an environment where hygiene is important, like a medical centre or a professional kitchen, then you want to invest in hygienic cladding. Hygienic cladding is created out of PVC, one of the most commonly used plastics on the market and it can be fitted to walls and ceilings. This makes it ideal for cheap renovations and for creating truly hygienic spaces. If you’re interested in protecting yourself and those who encounter your space, then read on to find out all the benefits of hygienic cladding from Bliby Plastics.


Quick and Easy Installation


Hygienic cladding is a far more convenient addition to your workspace because it is incredibly quick to install. Unlike more traditional methods, like tiling, PVC cladding doesn’t require tile adhesive or grout, making a fast simpler installation. As a result, you will be able to complete your reconstruction without breaking the budget and without putting your customers at risk. The protection that is offered by hygienic cladding is far more comprehensive than other tiles as well, as bacteria has fewer places to hide. So despite being cheaper and faster to install, they are not losing any of their quality. 


Requires Very Little Maintenance


PVC cladding is hygienic because it fundamentally requires very little maintenance. There is no grouting and no space between each of the tiles which means there’s less base for bacteria to grow or dirt to accumulate. As a result, you can easily clean the cladding using antibacterial spray and warm soapy water. Not only is this convenient because you need very little maintenance, but it also means that they will be cleaner than you could hope for with any other material. Slowing the movement of bacteria is important for so many industries, not just food production and health care, and the low maintenance hygienic cladding is a great way to do this. 


Completely Recyclable


Recycling plastic is incredibly important. Fortunately, hygienic cladding is 100% recyclable, so you don’t have to worry when installing it. While there are clear concerns about single-use plastic, it is important to remember that hygienic cladding is not made out of single-use plastic. It is made out of PVC, which can be fully recycled once you’re finished using it and will never see a landfill. So you can install hygienic cladding with confidence, knowing that you are continuing to do your bit to help the environment. 


Can Be Fitted to your Style Preferences


Another benefit of hygienic cladding is the fact that it can be cut to almost any size and each of the panels can easily slot together to cover large distances. This is convenient for large and oddly shaped rooms and it means that you don’t have to worry about grouting or gaps in the cladding, where bacteria can grow. Having something that is tailored bespoke to the size of your room without having to pay outlandish prices is an ideal solution for all parties.


If you’d like to find out more about our hygienic cladding and how you can use it to make the most out of your business space, then feel free to give us a call today on 01233 720 486. We would be more than happy to help you however we can and we would be happy to walk you through our excellent range of hygienic cladding.

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