The Benefits Of Installing Decking In Your Garden

Many people are already looking forward to summer and the thought of being able to spend time in your back garden again after the cold, dark and wet winter months is exciting. When summer comes around, lots of people want to be able to enjoy their own garden and it may be the case that their outdoor space will require some TLC before they are able to do so. 


Over the past few years, it is becoming more common for domestic properties to install decking in their garden over patios and paving. It is quickly becoming a firm favourite here in the UK and there are now so many different options you can choose from. If you’re wondering whether decking is the best solution for you and you’d like to find out more about the benefits of installing decking in your garden keep reading today. 




One of the most appealing things about decking to many people is that it is so aesthetically pleasing. These days, decking comes in such a wide range of textures, patterns, shapes and colours so, you can tailor it completely to your own taste. 


There is no denying that decking can change the look of an outdoor space too. It instantly modernises a garden and can even provide you with changes in level for a completely different feel. Decking can provide you with a perfect place to relax with your family, a safe playing area for your kids and also a place to hold parties for your guests outdoors.


Low maintenance


Another benefit of choosing decking for your garden is that it is very low maintenance, especially when compared to other things such as patios. Depending on what you choose your decking to be made out of, the maintenance will differ but, it isn’t usually much at all. 


If you were to choose Twinson decking, for example, this is a bend of wood and PVC-U that gives you the natural beauty of wood with the low-maintenance of PVC-U. This particular material is splinter-free, UV stable and resistant water so, you don’t need to worry about a thing once it is installed.




When decking has been properly installed and well looked after it can last for many years. Again, depending on the material your decking is made out of, it can last for decades. Twinson decking is weather, insect and rot-resistant, making it last even longer.


Not only will it last for years but, decking is also able to withstand a lot of weight. Many people choose to put garden furniture on their decking but, you can even install hot tubs and small swimming pools on decking too. The possibilities really are endless when you choose decking for your garden. 




Lastly, decking is incredibly flexible and can fit in almost any shape and size of garden. It can be designed and created to work perfectly anywhere it is required. Whether you want your decking squared off in a corner of your garden or in a circular shape in the middle, it is possible. 


Some people say that one of the best things about decking is that it can be easily modified or extended at a later date. Once installed, you can make any adjustments you require without having to completely start again and it isn’t uncommon for people to take full advantage of being able to do this. 


Installing decking in your garden 


It is clear to see why so many people are opting for decking when deciding to revamp their garden. With so many benefits, decking is a great choice for any garden and it is guaranteed to provide you with the perfect outdoor space you have always wanted. 


If you’re searching for somewhere to purchase your decking from, visit the Bliby Plastics website today. They are stockists of Twinson decking and can provide you with everything you need to make long-lasting outdoor decking that blends seamlessly with natural surroundings and complements any outdoor space. 

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