What is Soffit Cladding?

Why You Should Choose Anthracite Soffit Boards

Anthracite is increasingly a popular choice with homeowners in the UK. It is a stylish, sophisticated and contemporary choice that enhances any home it is used on. If you are interested in Anthracite Soffit Boards, but would like to know more before you go ahead and make a decision, then the Bliby Plastics team has written a helpful post.    Below, we’ve gone…
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Introducing UPVC Downpipes and Their Undeniable Benefits

Are you looking to replace your home’s downpipes, and are considering opting for UPVC downpipes over traditional downpipe materials? Downpipes are an essential part of your drainage system, and it is important that your home has high-quality, long-lasting, durable downpipes fitted. Today our team here at Bliby Plastics have put together a short yet informative guide on downpipes, and the benefits that UPVC…
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Exploring Shiplap UPVC Cladding and its Benefits

Are you looking at decorating the exterior or interior of your home, shed, or summerhouse? Shiplap cladding is an excellent choice of material for decorating both the inside and outside of your home, and here at Bliby Plastics we stock a wide range of UPVC Shiplap cladding for all of your home improvement needs.   Bliby Plastics is Kent’s leading distributor of UPVC…
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Essential Guide to Buying Fortex Cladding

When you are looking to buy cladding, a popular choice with many professionals and homeowners is Fortex Cladding. This is a premium quality solution that will stand the test of time, provide you with durability and superior performance. If you are thinking about making a purchase of this type of cladding, and would like to find out more – then Bliby Plastics can…
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