Spring Home Check Tips

Spring has FINALLY sprung after a few false starts, and that means it?s time to give your old abode the onceover to remedy any seasonal problems or structural difficulties that might have developed over the dull U.K winter.

  • Check guttering and downspouts for clogs. Both plastic and cast iron guttering can fall foul of detritus, so enlist the help of a buddy (for safety) and make sure everything is in working order.
  • Check the roof for crumbling, blistering or cracking. The high winds of last winter mean we?re all now having to make sure our roofs are safe and secure for the year ahead. Spring/summer are definitely the best times to carry out repairs.
  • Seasonal re-testing of smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors is advisable.
  • Check fascias and soffits for signs of rotting, damage or degradation. UPVC fascia boards rarely need to be replaced, but wooden ones can degrade quickly.
  • Give outdoor spaces the onceover ? decking, patios etc. Check for peeling paint, damaged boards, sagging roofs etc. This can be a great time to power-wash paved areas before the flowers arrive. Cracks in the driveway etc will soon fill with weeds and can grow quickly, so carry out repairs once the winter frosts have abated.
  • De-clutter the shed and garage. Although not strictly a structural maintenance task, spring is the least invasive time to get that garden and home in shape for the predicted balmy warmth of summer.

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