Signs That Your Fascias And Soffits Need Replacing

When you purchase a property, one of the last things you will think about is whether your fascias and soffits need changing. To be honest, it probably isn’t something you will ever think about until it is too late. Many people don’t even notice them, let alone understand what they do. Although they may just look decorative, keeping your fascias and soffits in good condition is actually essential to prevent serious damage to your home.


Thankfully, your fascias and soffits usually last for years and you may find that whilst you own the property you won’t experience any problems with them. Having said that, any issues you are experiencing shouldn’t be ignored or you may find yourself dealing with greater more costly damage in the near future. To help anyone curious about the signs that fascias and soffits need replacing, Bliby Plastics have put together a list of things to look out for. 


Cracks and flaking paint


This is often a general sign of age when it comes to fascias and soffits, especially as the roof is exposed to extreme weather conditions but, if you start to notice cracked or flaking paint then it may be time for a complete replacement. Aside from looking bad, these issues in the paintwork can actually cause water to leak into your home. Of course, this unwanted water will cause damage and could even lead to health implications of mould.


Rotting and damp


It isn’t uncommon for water to clog on your roof and this can quickly cause a lot of damage to your roof if left unattended. Signs of this water may be rot, mould/damp or even both and this often requires costly repairs to make your home safe again. If you notice any signs of damp or rot then it is very clear that they need to be replaced. They may be letting this clogged water leak in your roof void.


Evidence of pests


Mice, rats and even squirrels can take up home in the smallest of openings. They won’t hesitate to set up camp in your warm attic, especially in winter. If you begin to hear scuttering noises above your head or you find signs of droppings in your attic, then this can be a sign that you have an issue with your fascias and soffits. You should take action as soon as you become aware of these pests to prevent more from joining them. 


Leaking guttering 


Although your guttering isn’t part of your fascias and soffits, it relies on them in order to do its job properly. If your gutters start to leak or droop then this can be another sign that you should invest in new soffits and fascias. They provide structural support for your gutters so, it is essential that they are able to do this. Replacing your fascias and soffits can usually correct the issues that you may be having with your guttering. 


Lack of ventilation


One of the sole purposes of installing soffits and fascias is to provide ventilation to your home and especially your attic. They are designed to limit heat, moisture and the build-up of condensation. If you notice any difference in the ventilation then this can be a clear sign that your soffits and/or fascia are blocked or damaged. If this is the case, then you should take action straight away. 


Replacing your fascias and soffits


Keeping an eye out for any of the signs above will make it much easier to know if your fascias and soffits need replacing. If you have noticed any of these things then it is a good idea to carry out some further investigations. Remember, what may seem like a small issue that is easy to overlook, if left untreated it can quickly become a big serious problem. So, it really isn’t worth the risk. 


If you’re searching for somewhere to purchase new fascias and soffits from, visit the Bliby Plastics website today. We provide a huge range to both the public and trade so, you can trust that we will have the perfect design for your property. If you’re unsure as to what you’re searching for, our friendly team will happily advise you and answer any questions you may have before placing your order.


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