Rotten Fascia Boards ? What Are Your Options?

Fascia replacement isn?t usually something that most homeowners need to undertake more than a couple of times in a lifetime, especially if you have plastic fascias. But a little insight can go a long way, so here are a few of the options we can help with when those wooden fascias need replacing.

  1. Remove the old fascias completely and replace them with long-lasting plastic fascias. Plastic fascias are durable, easy to install, adaptable and generally a less complicated option to getting new wooden fascias. Take a look at our selection and give us a call to discuss your fascia needs on 01233 720 486.
  2. Clad your current fascias with UPVC. This is typically the cheapest option, but you can only clad fascias that are in a decent state. UPVC fascias are best for folks who are looking to maximise the life of their reasonably good condition wooden fascias.
  3. Fitting new wooden fascias is usually the most costly option. Wood rarely arrives weatherproofed and usually there are various stages where work can?t be done due to treatments drying etc.

A few other key things to remember ? just because your fascias need replacing doesn?t mean the soffit boards do. Although it?s quite straightforward to replace fascias yourself if you have the right skills, getting the professionals in is sometimes the best idea. Word of mouth is usually the best way to find a reputable tradesman in your area.

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