Plastic Soffit Cladding Colours You Don’t Want To Overlook

In case you didn’t already know, soffit is a term which is bandied about in an architectural sense – it typically refers to the underside of exterior roofing, which is still exposed to the outside world. Whilst you will have cast your eyes along these many a time, you may not have been familiar with what it was. Although you may not realise it, these are an essential part of any domestic residency. Not only are they important from a functional point of view – when deployed correctly, they can be used to enhance a building’s appearance. This is evidenced by the various shades outlined below, courtesy of the Bliby Plastics’ experts.


Should you be attempting to combine an old-fashioned property with the features which have made new-builds so highly-coveted, you need look no further than Rosewood Soffit Boards. No matter what colour your guttering system is, this is a product that will have no trouble in standing out. Fitted with incredible ease, it will not take long for you to begin enjoying the upgraded aesthetics.


If you live in a period property which exhibits rustic aesthetics wherever you look, you may have been trying to avoid the modern look of uPVC fascias and soffits. In times gone by, this was a job that proved to be incredibly difficult. Thankfully, things have been made significantly easier with the introduction of Mahogany Soffit Boards. Though they are imbued with the same durability and long-lifespan as its counterparts, the finish ensures that you do not lose the classic visuals which will have undoubtedly drawn you to your home in the first place.

Chartwell Green

The moment that you clap eyes on the Chartwell Green Soffit Boards, you will immediately sense that this is a departure from the stylistic norms within this field. In comparison to the usual styles which are found, this is distinctively different thanks to its brightness. Should you be somewhat conservative in your design preferences, this is certainly not something that will appeal. However, if you are trying to push the boundaries and create an eye-catching property, this might be just what you have been looking for.


Whilst you may think that this lacks the flair and spark which is exhibited by the other designs mentioned above, nobody can dispute the popularity that is exhibited by Anthracite Soffit Boards. When you use this in conjunction with top-tier fascia boards, you may be surprised by the way in which they complement one another. It is true that it is not the most exciting product on this list; that being said, it is not one to overlook without a second thought.

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If you have recently discovered that your existing soffit boards are far being past their best, and subsequently find yourself trying to source replacements that come in a wide-range of styles, you will be pleased to hear that your search has come to an end. Whilst we are certainly renowned for our collection of building products, it is our range of fascia and soffit products that has garnered Bliby Plastics the most acclaim.

Despite this being a rather niche industry, you may be surprised to learn that there are various companies that are in a position to assist you. That being said, you will be hard-pressed to find a company that can match either the overall quality of our units, nor the remarkably low prices which we have become synonymous with. For those of you wanting to find out more, why not call one of our representatives today on 01223 720486?

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