Increase The Market Value Of Your Home With Plastic Fascias

Over time fascias can become eroded and dilapidated which can leave your house looking run down and unattractive. Of course brickwork doesn?t suffer the same sort of fatigue although it too may require tarting up over time. The good news is that fascia replacement is relatively easy and inexpensive if you come to?Bliby Plastics. Our range of uPVC fascias can be delivered directly to your door with all of the accessories you need to fit them including screws and fixings. Everything we produce has benefited from our 25 years in the business and this includes customer service. We can help with advice about what you may need to properly fit?plastic fascias, so it is always worth getting in contact with us. It is recommended that fascia boards sold by us are only fitted to sound timber, which necessitates the inspection of any supporting beams for signs of rot. Occasionally, the fascia can be used to support roof tiles as well as guttering, but this often necessitates the proper backing board.

Literally speaking, a fascia is a band that fits beneath the roof edge to provide a more complete look as well as keeping in heat and also holding the rain gutter. uPVC options are particularly great because of their ability to withstand the elements over a great many years without losing much of their original qualities such as colour, integrity and finish. Our fascia solutions come in wide variety of styles and sizes including both 9 and 16 mm standard and maxi options. The standard fascia has many different types of woodgrains and shades to suit your particular property including mahogany, golden oak, rosewood and black ash as well as the untextured white. Woodgrains like this can add a vital aspect of variety in the look of your home, potentially covering up other unsightly aspects that would cost many thousands of pounds to fix. IT can also add a level of completion to the property that a substandard fascia was not providing as well as potentially increasing the market value of your property. It is important to note that the standard fascia should not be fitted directly to rafter feet.

Maxi fascia options can however be attached directly to rafter feet since they are designed to attach to timber that is not in the best of conditions. This is typically the case if the timber is damp or rotten. Maxi boards like this are designed to work without a backing board because they are meant to span between rafters which makes them a better option in terms of rigidity and overall strength. Again, these options are available in a variety of different types of wood grain as well as the standard white.

It is of course important to ensure that all of your measurements are correct before deciding to buy from our site. We charge by each 5 metre length so it is easy and recommended that you acquire more than enough to complete the job that you are working on.

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