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We?ve all spent the odd afternoon watching things like ?Homes Under the Hammer? and ?Property Ladder? ? they make selling a home look so easy! A quick montage and the place is spick, span and sold. But remembering all their hints and tips can be a bit tough, especially if we?re only watching the show because of a streaming cold or crushing migraine!
We spend a lot of time working with customers looking to sell their homes ? what?s the best guttering/fascia/plastic wall cladding etc? ? so here are the simplest, most widely recommended resale tips we come across.

1. Tidy Up
A bit of elbow grease is all that?s needed! Clear out the weeds, power-wash the drive, make sure the kids? toys are put away, clear out the grids over drainage pipes, have the dishes done ? it?s amazing what an effect a good scrub can have!
2. Re-Paint
Cheap and easy ? repainting the front door, skirting boards, garden fence, and any garishly decorated rooms with neutral colours can help viewers set themselves into the blank canvas. Make sure dark-prone spots are brightly painted in a light colour.
3. Invest in the Basics
Selling your home is an investment in itself. Without double glazing, a decent kitchen, pleasant bathroom floor etc, it will be harder to command the price negotiations.
4. Remove Your Personality
This is perhaps the hardest thing to do. Essentially, you want your home to have as little in it as possible. It helps potential buyers visualise themselves in the clean, clear, simple space.

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