How To Maintain Your Corrugated Plastic Roofing

The use of corrugated plastic roofing is expecting to reach a new high this year, which is good news for green activities, as this solution can be very environmentally friendly, as well as cheap. For that reason, more homeowners are looking to purchase corrugated plastic roofing for various home projects, but they often forget about one thing – maintenance. 


So that your roofing can remain functional for as long as possible, the team at Bliby Plastics have created this guide covering how to maintain your corrugated plastic roofing, as well as suggesting where to buy new plastic if needed. 


Check it over regularly


The very first step that you need to carry out is regularly checking over the corrugated plastic roofing. Despite how great PVC corrugated plastic is, it can still be prone to minor damage and issues, potentially resulting in leaks and other issues. By checking over all of the roofing on a regular basis, you will have a better chance to identify any concerns, at which stage you can carry out any repairs as we will explain next. 


Repair any shrunken areas


Unfortunately, like any other material, corrugated plastic can become prone to repairs over time – all of which will need to be repaired at the earliest convenience. That being said, the most noticeable issues with most of these roofs is the fact that they can shrink over time, which isn’t ideal for roofing. To repair this, it’s advised to cover the noticeable area in duct tape so that it’s more apparent, where you can then proceed to use a specialist roof tape for quick repairs, or use a polyurethane sealant to the affected areas, which is bound to increase the life expectancy for a few more years. 


Cleaning goes a long way


One, if not the most important way to maintain your corrugated plastic roofing is by cleaning it on a regular basis. The best approach for this is by simply pouring warm soapy water onto the roofing, as well as rubbing it with a light scrubber to ensure that no algae or debris are building up on top of the roof. 


Using a jet washer is also another option, though not all professionals recommend this due to the damage that it can also cause. Depending on how strong the jet washer it, it can easily damage the corrugated roofing by opening up minor holes and cracks, potentially risking leaks and additional issues in the future. 


Take extra care for special types of plastic roofing


Following on with the cleaning factor, different corrugated plastic roofing also requires extra care and attention. For instance, with greenhouse plastic, it’s never advised to use chemicals as this is potentially risking ruining the greenhouse effect that it has been created to enable. The same goes for UV specialist corrugated roofing, where you should always consult the manufacturer of the corrugated plastic to check what you should and shouldn’t be using. 


Need a complete replacement?

Unfortunately, some roofing will simply require a complete replacement, which is where we can help. Here at Bliby Plastics, we are considered as one of the UK’s most reputable sources for corrugated plastic roofing, where we have a selection of different sizes and thickness to guarantee that you find the product you need. All of our stock comes from leading manufacturers from around the world, enabling us to guarantee the very best products on the market.

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