How to Handle Builders and Tradesman

Do you know your wall cladding from your vented soffit board? Sometimes calling in the professionals is a matter of necessity, but it can be tough to navigate the ins and outs of negotiating with tradesman. Here are a few points to keep in mind when selecting a tradesman or building firm.

  • Do they offer a free written QUOTATION? Some offer free ESTIMATES but you have to pay for the actual quotation.
  • Do they offer a written guarantee of the duration of the project? This helps you minimise any extra costs. We all know sometimes jobs overrun or unforeseen issues crop up, but a written guarantee can help keep things clear.
  • Do they offer Public Liability Insurance? Make sure this is clear on the quotation.
  • Make a note of their VAT number at the quotation stage.
  • Will the main tradesman be on site all the time? Will he sub-contract or delegate work to other employees? This isn?t necessarily right or wrong, but more about you understanding exactly whose hands your Deepflow Guttering is in!
  • Who is responsible for sourcing materials? E.g. plastic fascias, scaffolding, specialist tools etc.
  • Who is responsible for waste management? E.g. the removal of old fascias, waste etc. from your property.
  • Will they require use of your household facilities such as the toilet, kettle etc?
  • Sorting out the details is a huge part of feeling comfortable and secure in your arrangement with reputable builders and tradesman.

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