How Can You Tell If Your Fascias Are Past Their Best?

There are certain areas of your home that you will naturally take good care of; you will recognise, for instance, that in order for your gutters to work efficiently, they need to be cleaned every-so-often. Similarly, if you see a stain on your windows, the chances are that you will address the problem as soon as possible. The same, however, cannot be said for fascias – these are consistently disregarded, and this can be incredibly damaging. If you need assistance on how to spot faults in this particular area, Bliby Plastics is on-hand to help. 

Animal Interference

This is an issue that is particularly prevalent if you live in the countryside. With the number of trees that are likely to be surrounding your home, it will not take long for you to be affected by the nesting of birds, as well as other wildlife. If you are particularly unlucky, it could be that mice have made a home for themselves in your roof. What this can eventually lead to is them causing damage to your fascia boards by chewing on them. Thankfully, these problems can be spotted with relative ease, and then you can address the matter accordingly.

Chips & Cracks

Despite fascias being manufactured to the highest-order, and coming in for consistent praise for their durability, it cannot be ignored that they are not indestructible. The weather in the UK is nothing short of abysmal, especially during the colder months of the year. The knock-on effect of this is that it is only a matter of time before you notice chips in the paint work, as well as cracks appearing in the wooden boards. When this does happen, your best-bet is to spend wisely on replacements that are first-class in quality. 

Decline In Guttering Quality

Those of you that have a well-rounded understanding of the way in which fascias work will immediately point-out that your guttering pipes are entirely separate from these boards. However, what you may not have realised is that they are intrinsically linked. If your gutter has seen better days, it could be that it is starting to leak onto your fascias, which is one of the quickest ways in which your boards can deteriorate. Should you notice an issue with your guttering system, we recommend that you try to get this resolved as quickly as possible.  

Signs Of Rot

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for properties to develop rot in the twenty-first century; this is particularly true if the house in question was constructed a number of years ago. As time goes on, the abundance of rainfall that you are subjected to can interfere with the structural integrity of your fascia boards. If left untreated, the natural next-step is for rot to set in, which can truly be catastrophic if you do not take the appropriate steps immediately. Usually, this will involve investing in replacement fascia boards that are impervious to water.

Bliby Plastics – Here To Help

By now, you should be in possession of all the knowledge that you need to identify when both your uPVC fascia boards, as well as your soffit boards, are in need of replacing. Despite their relatively inconspicuous appearance, they are certainly an essential part of your home’s exterior make-up, and should be treated as such. Case-and-point, if you have discovered that you are in dire-need of 170mm fascia boards, Bliby Plastics should be your first point-of-call. Our units are virtually maintenance free, and you can buy online everything that you could possibly need. To discuss the huge-range of options that we possess, we ask that you follow the contact instructions on our website.  

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