Highlighting The Most-Common Guttering Issues

On the face of it, you would be forgiven for thinking that, in relation to the various other features that your home possesses, the guttering system is far from being the most important. However, once you take into account the vital job that it performs, you should hopefully recognise that this is not something to take for granted. Therefore, it is wise to brush up on your knowledge of the issues and problems that usually pertain to gutters. Why not let the Bliby Plastics’ experts shed some light on the subject for you? 


At some point in your life, the chances are that you have walked past a property that has featured a leaking gutter. Due to the amount of rain that we are subjected to annually here in the UK, particularly during winter, this should come as no surprise. Whilst the uPVC material that is used for these systems is robust and durable, it is certainly not infallible. Thankfully, if you have noticed that your gutter has suffered a leak, it is relatively easy to fix.


Should your home reside in the near vicinity of trees and other similar wildlife, do not be surprised if you discover that, if you leave your gutters untreated, they eventually start to exhibit a build-up of dirt and debris. In particular, damp leaves and twigs have been known to clog gutters, and this is the type of issue that can spiral out of control incredibly quickly. In instances such as these, you might wish to purchase the relevant maintenance tools – they will somewhat ease the burden of climbing onto your roof and manually clearing the clogs.

Sub-Optimal Pitching

In case you have not gotten up-close-and-personal with a first-class guttering system, allow us to explain a little more about the importance of pitching. In essence, this is in relation to the angle of the installation; in order for water to be able to flow seamlessly into your downspouts, experts advocate that you need, at the minimum, a .25 inch slant located after every ten feet. Time-and-again, improper pitching has meant that water has slowly-but-surely amassed in the gutters, which is usually followed by severe structural damage caused to the entirety of the roof.


Although this is not so much of a problem in the twenty-first century, there is no denying that in the past, there were many homeowners that simply could not justify investing in a high-end guttering system. They were under the impression that retailers were trying to con them out of their hard-earned finances, and therefore thought that they could get by without them. Unfortunately, this would inevitably lead to problems which, if left untreated, could significantly jeopardise the quality of a property. If you have recently realised that your home is lacking in the guttering department, we suggest that you rectify this as quickly as possible.

A Little About Us

When it comes to sourcing a company that can offer you 6 inch guttering pipes, or the option to invest in a completely new cast-iron gutter, the only name that you need to be familiar with is that of Bliby Plastics. For the best part of thirty five years, we have been operating as one of Kent’s foremost suppliers of guttering and cladding. The diverse nature of our firm means that we are able to gladly assist anyone-and-everyone that comes to us. For those of you that would like to be one of our next customers, we suggest that you make your interest known to us by calling 01233 720486; our support team will do all that they can to assist you. 

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