Gutter Styles That Would Improve Your Home’s Exterior

For most homeowners, guttering systems are regarded to be an essential part of a home’s infrastructure – however, they are not always well-versed as to why this is the case. Therefore, when the time eventually comes to invest in replacements, people often look to the options which are cheapest. Unfortunately, this can lead to poor decision making, and leave you with a result that is far from your expected standard. Therefore, you might wish to familiarise yourself with some of the more-prominent designs that are available; this is where Bliby Plastics can offer some much-needed assistance.


When you are initially looking into the prospect of replacing your tired, worn-out guttering system, the chances are that half-round pipes are the ones which first catch your eye. The reason for this is that they are by far-and-away the most popular choice across the UK, and it is not difficult to see why. Most of these come equipped with built-in leaf guards, which can make your life significantly easier courtesy of the reduced maintenance requirements. When you factor in the low prices at which you can purchase them, you are left with a solution that, to all intents and purposes, is perfect. 


If budgetary restrictions are not holding you back, there is nothing wrong with looking into the possibility of getting your new guttering system custom-made. By venturing down this particular route, you will be able to ensure that your home’s exterior visuals are not compromised by the incoming installation. Not only this, but it provides you with the opportunity to browse through an almost-endless supply of colours, something which may not be possible when you purchase pre-designed products. 


The vast majority of newbuilds that have been cropping up throughout the country over the past fifty years or so have K-style gutters adorning the roofs; part of the reason for this is the ease at which they can be installed. The lightweight nature of these products means that you won’t have to overly concern yourself with setting aside countless hours to complete the project. You should also be aware that, from a style perspective, this is an option which is consistently praised for the simple-yet-effective looks that they possess.

Material Options

Once you have finally made a decision regarding the style that you believe is best-suited to your home, the next step relates to choosing your preferred material. Whilst there are numerous available to you, most suppliers would agree that there are two primary choices available to you – namely, these are uPVC and cast-iron. The latter would be the perfect option if you reside in a period property, and would like to try and retain the rustic aesthetics which most-likely drew you in initially. Alternatively, uPVC has proven itself to be a cost-effective investment, and will surprise you by the level of durability that it offers.

A Little About Us


Whilst you might not realise it, there is a firm that you can collaborate with that stocks high-end products, including double-ogee guttering and custom-built units, yet remains dedicated to offering a reasonable pricing structure. This company, for those of you that weren’t already aware, is Bliby Plastics. Although we are based in Kent, there is no-limit to our reach; we are always looking to go above-and-beyond to satisfy the needs of our clients, and it is now easier than ever to begin your journey with us. If you follow the contact instructions provided on our website, you will be put in touch with a member of our team – they will be able to answer any questions that you might have in an efficient and helpful manner. 

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