Four Excellent Benefits Associated with Decking Boards 

A pleasant decking area is something that those who are looking to add more life to their garden may find an ideal solution. A decking area can be constructed in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colours so there is wealth of choice when it comes to making your area personal to the layout and shape of your outside space. Here at Bliby Plastics we provide customers with high quality decking boards 140mm wide, alongsides a variety of other sizes. In case you are unsure about whether to install decking or not, below we have highlighted some of the great benefits that they offer. 




Decking is able to produce both a modern vibe with its geometric and streamlined appearance, but also a rustic aura and so it can be appealing to those who have varying aesthetic preference. With the range of colours and styles available, you can find the option that is going to meet your personal preferences best. Decking can be the focal point of your garden or it can be a nice addition to compliment other aspects, but overall it provides you with an aesthetically pleasing garden that you can take price in. 




A decking area is a great way for you to break up or section your garden while still maintaining an aesthetic flow. While grass is a good surface for children or pets to run around on, to lay on while you sunbathe, or for those who enjoy gardening, a decking area provides a space where people can set up a table and chairs and entertain outside, as well as host guests. If you are having a party people may find standing on grass uncomfortable, so a decking area is a great way to keep your guests happy. 




One of the benefits of having a deck is that it is durable. This is important because you want to make sure that your decking is going to be strong, sturdy and long lasting for you to be able to use it how you want to, and to get the most out of it.  


Cost Effective 


When you purchase something for your home or garden, you will very likely have a budget in mind and so finding something that is going to work well for you as well as being cost effective is important. Decking is a cost effective investment, especially if you decide to go for something like composite decking. This is because maintenance is minimal so you are not having to pay out for the upkeep, and also it is a long lasting material, which means that you are not having to keep replacing your decking, which over the years could accumulate high costs. 


Why Choose Bliby Plastics?


Decking offers a fantastic opportunity for those who are looking to switch up the appearance and use of their garden, and with the benefits that we have discussed, you can see that it is a rewarding purchase to make. When you come to Bilby Plastics we can supply you with high end decking, that is available in different sizes and colours, including; decking boards 140 mm wide and 28mm thick, or 76mm wide and  10mm, and available in colours such as liquorice, slate grey, walnut, apricot and more. 


We have over 35 years of experience and you can rely on us to provide you with any guidance, or answer questions that you have, with our first-class customer service. You can contact our team to talk about the decking boards that you require by calling 01233 720486, or sending any questions or queries to We look forward to hearing from you.


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