Fascia Colours That Could Suit Your Domestic Property

Despite not being the most-vital component of your home’s exterior, you would be wise to not underestimate the role that your fascia boards have to play. These panels are virtually maintenance free – aside from the occasional wipedown, there is not much that is required of you. However, their quality will not last forever, and this means that some of you may be keeping an eye out for top-of-the-range fascia boards. Should this be the case, you are in luck – Bliby Plastics is here to walk you through the colours that may be to your liking.

Why Are They Important?

Before we proceed any further, we feel that it is only-right that we spend a moment opening your eyes to the reality of the situation. Without your fascia boards, it would not take long for you to be subjected to a significant moisture build-up; specifically, this would occur in your roof, and it could lead to untold damage and hassle. Not only this, but they are now also viewed as a part that is aesthetically appealing. As you can hopefully see, it is no-wonder that people are willing to invest in fascia upgrades.

Chartwell Green

As soon as you clap eyes on Chartwell Green Fascia, you will immediately have an opinion on it – the brightness is something that you will either love or hate. If you fall into the former category, the chances are that you are someone that is trying to ensure that their property makes a statement. Whilst this is not a purchase for the fainthearted, should you be trying to break away from what is considered ‘normal’, you can be rest-assured that you won’t regret investing in this particular style.


Although some of you may perceive this to be something of a bland option, if you were to take a moment to look at modern contemporary properties, you would notice that rather than having timber fascias, it is White Fascia that is incredibly popular. The simplicity of these units are often what draws people in; instead of being overly complex, the understated nature of the white is certainly a major selling point. For those of you that are committed to the minimalism trend, this is the option for you.

Golden Oak

As opposed to the other designs that have made it onto this list, Golden Oak Fascia is unique in the fact that it still retains a semblance of naturalness. Some of you may have already deduced that this is based upon the colour to oak timber, and it does this incredibly well. If, for example, you live in a period property, and you are trying to have classic aesthetics across the whole of your home’s exterior, we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with the results that you are left with when you opt for Golden Oak.

Need Some Assistance?

For some companies, supplying high-performance 170mm fascia boards is something which is rather difficult; these specialist procuts are hard to come by in the UK, especially if you need to pair them with a specific type of soffit board. That being said, there are certain retailers that are experts in this department – Bliby Plastics is a prime example of this. Whether you need brand-new internal cladding, guttering systems that are a major improvement on your existing set-up, or 18mm fascia boards, we will work tirelessly to secure a result that you are happy with. Should you be looking to gain a better understanding of our product range, feel free to email us at sales@bliby.net. Our representatives will gladly walk you through our selection in greater detail. 

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