Everything That You Need To Know About Fortex Cladding

Within the field of cladding, there are some styles and designs which most people accept to be a level above the rest – Fortex cladding certainly falls into this particular category. Although relatively new to the market, it has seen its popularity soar month-on-month, and for very good reason. Understandably, those of you that have not had much exposure to this world may be unsure of what benefits are associated with these products. It is here that Bliby Plastics is able to provide you with some much-needed guidance.

Incredibly Durable


The studies that have been conducted on Fortex cladding have highlighted the fact that, in comparison to the majority of other models currently on the market, it is significantly more durable than its counterparts. Once installed, you will not need to worry about sourcing replacement boards for ten years or more. This means that you can regard this to be a cost-effective investment, ensuring that your finances are not continuously drained. 


Smooth Installation Process

You may have heard horror stories in relation to the stress which is endured when attempting to fit cladding boards. In reality, these instances will have likely been caused due to ill preparation, combined with a lack of necessary tools. However, when you are looking to fit Fortex cladding, you needn’t worry about any of these. The boards themselves are incredibly light, meaning that you should be able to finish the operation without outside assistance. Their size also allows you to carry multiple units at a time, which can significantly reduce the time needed to finish.

Insulating Prowess

When you are looking to purchase cladding, the chances are that you will want for it to be first-class from an insulating perspective. The reason for this is that it will allow you to save on your heating bills, whilst simultaneously enjoy a more-comfortable temperature throughout the year. Fortex cladding has proven time-and-again that it can retain thermal energy incredibly efficiently, ensuring that your savings will be substantial. When the time comes to move on from your current home, this feature will also appeal to prospective buyers.

Range Of Styles

What many people fail to realise about Fortex cladding is that there are numerous designs that can be chosen from. If your home, for instance, is relatively large, you may wish to opt for the 333mm Double Plank Shiplap. However, for those of you that reside in a slightly smaller property, you can easily get away with purchasing 170mm Weatherboard. Whichever course of action you choose to pursue, you can expect the results to be nothing less than exceptional.

Bliby Plastics – Here To Help

Have you recently invested in Fortex cladding, but subsequently unsure of how to install it in a manner which is both quick and effective? Would you like to gain advice from an experienced firm regarding Fortex cladding fitting instructions, so that the matter can be dealt with swiftly and with relatively little hassle? If you feel as if these statements are applicable to your current situation, the likelihood is that you would do well to utilise the services provided by the Bliby Plastics team.

With more than thirty-five years worth of experience in this niche industry, you need not worry about our ability to achieve first-class results. Having worked with thousands of clients since we first opened our doors, we regularly procure satisfactory outcomes. Should you wish to learn more about what we have to offer, we ask that you get in touch in one of two ways. Please either send us a message directly at sales@bliby.net, or call us on 01233 720486; we look forward to hearing from you. 

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