Drain Management Tips for the Layman

Drains are usually thought of as one of those brilliant little life essentials we use every single day but never give a second thought to? until they?re clogged and flood the garden! Keeping an eye on drainage pipes, grids, guttering and potential blockage spots is easy, especially if it?s something you put into practice on a regular basis. Here are a few expert tips we?ve gathered on our tradesman travels!

  • One of the worst things to do is to allow food and similar particles to go down the drain. Leftovers can cause a real problem eventually! Remove food detritus from dishwater before draining and always scrape leftovers from plates into the bin before washing.
  • Avoid throwing greasy or oily fluids down the plughole or drain. Things like cooking grease can solidify in the soil pipe or even the underground land drainage pipes, causing massive blockages as other detritus clings to them.
  • Keeping drainage running smoothly isn?t always about chemicals or professional services. Pour boiling water down the drain every now and then (preceded by some bicarbonate of soda to clear fats or oils) to prevent grime build-up and minimize the likelihood of potential blockages.

If the worst does happen and no amount of caustic soda or boiling water can budge that blockage, invest in the right professional services. A CCTV survey and professional cleaners are likely a better investment than pouring endless solutions down the plughole.

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