Different Ways To Use PVC Shiplap Cladding

It is becoming increasingly common for homeowners to explore the option of installing cladding on the exterior of their property when it’s starting to look worse for wear. There really are numerous benefits to opting for this decor option, especially when you choose PVC cladding boards over timber cladding boards, and not only will they make your home’s exterior look amazing, but it will be virtually maintenance-free too. 

Whilst there are different types of cladding available to use, shiplap cladding remains a popular choice and it will give your home the flawless finish you’re looking for. There are so many different ways you can use PVC shiplap cladding to give your property a new lease of life too and if you’re interested in sprucing up your home’s facade but you’re not sure how to do so, keep reading today. Below are some brilliant cladding ideas to consider. 

Cover the whole of your home with cladding boards 

Some homeowners will decide to cover the whole of their home with PVC shiplap cladding. This is particularly popular for modern detached properties that are a fairly straightforward rectangular shape with no extensions. When choosing to use cladding all over their home’s exterior, the vast majority will use a light shade, like white or grey, and this can help to make their home seem bigger. However, for an ultra-chic look, black is a brilliant choice too. 

Put the cladding on the top half of your home

It is quite common for homeowners to split their home in two, so to speak, and keep half of the existing brickwork exposed and use PVC shiplap cladding on the other half. More often than not, the cladding will start above the downstairs window and it will run the whole way around their home at this height, however, some will simply use the cladding on the front of their home too. This is quite a traditional design choice that looks good on any property. 

Only use the cladding boards on your porch 

When homeowners have a porch installed, some will choose to only use cladding boards on this part of their home. When opting for this type of design, due to the fact that a smaller area is covered with the PVC shiplap cladding, many will play around with colour and make a statement by using a blue or a green shade. Incorporating colour when using cladding like this and creating a focal point will add some personality to a property. 

Highlight a specific part of your home 

If homeowners quite like the brickwork on the exterior of their property, they will choose to use much smaller amounts of PVC shiplap cladding to draw attention to particular areas of their home’s facade. Whether this is the area between the top and bottom bay windows or the roof point above an upstairs window, it makes the exterior of a property much more interesting. With such a small area being covered with cladding, virtually any colour option can work here. 

Keep the cladding to your loft extension 

Similarly to only using cladding boards on their porch, some homeowners will choose to use PVC shiplap cladding on their dormer loft extensions. This prevents them from having to try and match the extension to the rest of their property and it is an aesthetically pleasing option for this type of extension, no matter how big it may be. It actually isn’t uncommon for homeowners to use cladding boards solely on their extensions wherever they are in their home.

Installing PVC shiplap cladding at your home 

All in all, if the benefits associated with PVC cladding boards are encouraging you to transform the exterior of your home, hopefully, the information above will have given you some inspiration. There really are so many different ways you can use PVC shiplap cladding to freshen up your home’s facade and no matter where you live or what your property may be like, you shouldn’t struggle to find a design that’s perfect for you.

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