Could Bathroom Cladding Solve All Of Your Problems?

If you were to spend some time exploring the bathroom designs that have been popular throughout the years, it would be impossible to miss the fact that porcelain tiling has consistently ranked highly amongst British homeowners. Over the past decade, the landscape has seen some major shifts – arguably the most notable is the introduction of Geo-panel cladding. This represents a fantastic alternative to tiling, and there are countless benefits that you can enjoy from this switch. Here to elaborate on the subject, and provide you with some of the finer details, are the Bliby Plastics experts.

No Grout

For those of you that aren’t aware, the way in which classic tiles are installed is through the use of grout. Unfortunately, over time, this can see a drastic decline in terms of quality; due to the abundance of moisture, it is incredibly easy for a build-up of mould to occur, which is something that we are sure you wish to avoid. If you would like a totally waterproof wall, the best way to achieve this is to utilise bespoke cladding panels. As time progresses, their durability will certainly not let you down. 

Smooth Installation Phase

One of the main complaints that has routinely been had in regards to old-fashioned tiles is that they would take hours-upon-hours to be laid correctly. Even seasoned professionals that have overseen thousands of projects would run into the same problem – the process would always take a ridiculous amount of time. Thanks to the tongue-and-groove method, this is not something which you will have to overly concern yourself with when you make the switch to cladding. When you purchase these, your interior walls will be finished in no-time, allowing you to go about your daily business as usual.

Clean With Ease

When you first buy your cladding panels of choice, you will undoubtedly notice the smooth texture that they possess. This, in case you were wondering, is a deliberate design choice – this is meant to help make your cleaning regime significantly easier. Never again will you have to dedicate your weekends to scrubbing stains off of your bathroom walls. Instead, with the help of a damp cloth, you can achieve the same effect in minutes. The longer that you have your panels in-place, the more prominent this particular benefit becomes.

Cheap Products

When you are trying to complete a renovation project on a relatively strict budget, the likelihood is that you will not want to pour resources into purchasing the raw materials. This is not a problem that you will encounter when you decide to opt for cladding panels; thanks to the availability of the synthetic plastic used for these products, the overall price is relatively low, The knock-on effect of this is that you can divert your finances into other areas of home improvement, which is certainly not an opportunity to disregard.

A Quick Introduction

Have you been contemplating purchasing Geo-panel cladding for some time, but have yet to be able to source a company that can offer you cost-effective options? Are you someone that has a vested interest in interior design, and wish to have the chance to browse through numerous styles? If you fall into either of the aforementioned categories, the solution is obvious – enlist the help of Bliby Plastics. Within our catalogue, you can expect to find numerous products that are to your liking; whatsmore, we ensure that our prices are kept below those of our competitors. Should you feel as if ours is the company that you have been looking for, feel free to send us your details via our website’s enquiry form – we would love to assist you in whatever way that we can. 

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