Common Misconceptions About UPVC Shiplap Cladding

When wanting to revamp their property, it is actually becoming increasingly common for homeowners to install cladding boards instead of simply re-painting or wallpapering. One type of cladding, in particular, that has been used for decades now is shiplap cladding and you will likely find this on the exterior of barns, sheds and residential properties, and you may even come across shiplap cladding inside homes these days as well. 

As more and more people are choosing to use shiplap cladding in their home improvement projects, you may not be surprised to hear that there are now a number of misconceptions surrounding this product and these can be off-putting to those considering installing it. So, to set the record straight about uPVC shiplap cladding for anyone who is keen to use it in an upcoming project, below we have debunked some of the most frequently heard misconceptions about this incredibly versatile product. 

“UPVC shiplap cladding boards are really expensive”

This is probably one of the biggest misconceptions about shiplap cladding and the truth is that nowadays, this uPVC product can be competitively priced, you just need to find the right supplier. When you’re considering the up-front cost of these cladding boards, it is important to remember how durable and long-lasting they are, so they will be cost-effective over time. 

“Shiplap cladding is notoriously difficult to install” 

Due to the fact that shiplap cladding has such a distinctive look, many assume that it will be difficult to install, but this isn’t actually the case. Many experts say that if you have measured everything correctly, then installing these cladding boards is fairly straightforward. In fact, you can’t really go wrong with uPVC shiplap cladding and it is likely that you will be able to install it yourself, no matter how big the project may be. 

“You have to install uPVC shiplap cladding horizontally”

Traditionally shiplap cladding boards were always installed horizontally and this was to ensure that they were waterproof, however, they can be installed vertically too. If you’re using uPVC shiplap cladding in your interior design, you may want to consider rotating the boards and doing so can actually help to make your room feel more spacious and the ceilings look higher. 

“Shiplap cladding doesn’t work in modern properties”

Many don’t realise just how versatile shiplap cladding boards are and whilst previously, they might have more commonly been seen at farmhouses, cottages and coastal homes, they can be used elsewhere too. Not only can this type of cladding create a rustic look, but its clean lines make it perfect for contemporary properties too. You really can use it in any setting to complement a multitude of exterior and interior designs. 

“You can’t paint over shiplap cladding boards”

Simply put, you can paint over shiplap cladding, but you do need to be careful when doing so. The visible gap between the boards can make painting slightly more difficult and you will need to ensure that you’re using thinner coats to prevent the gaps filling with paint. Of course, uPVC shiplap cladding does come in a wide range of colours nowadays, so you probably won’t have to paint over the boards anyway. 

“UPVC shiplap cladding boards require a lot of cleaning”

On the whole, uPVC is known for requiring very little maintenance and you can trust that this will be the case for your shiplap cladding boards. No matter where you install them, they will be really easy to clean and a simple wipe over with a cloth can keep them looking their best. Just be sure to remove any dust that can collect in the gaps between the boards on a regular basis. 

Purchasing uPVC shiplap cladding 

All in all, if you’re considering purchasing uPVC shiplap cladding boards for your next home improvement project, it is undeniably worthwhile doing so. It is likely that the vast majority of negative opinions or ‘facts’ that you have come across about this type of cladding simply stem from misconceptions and it is fair to say that uPVC shiplap cladding is actually a brilliant choice for a number of reasons. 

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