Common Cladding Problems That You Should Be Aware Of

When people first begin to investigate cladding, the first thing that they tend to notice is the seemingly endless list of upsides that are associated with them. Despite being relatively cheap, they can last for years without needing replacing, and are always thought to be a stylish choice of decoration. However, if you are planning on going down this route, you should be aware of some of the problems which can crop up; here to highlight some of these are the Bliby Plastics experts.    


Naturally, after you have gotten your brand-new cladding panels installed, you will want them to remain spotless for as long as possible. Unfortunately, this will not be possible if you are willing to let stains fester. If left untreated, these will sink into the material, and become a permanent fixture, therefore ruining the top-tier aesthetics that you have worked so hard to achieve. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that if you notice a slight blemish, you take to this with a damp cloth and standard cleaning products; this should help you to rectify the issue quickly and with minimal hassle.   

Loose Panels

Whilst you might not initially regard this to be much of a problem, the fact of the matter is that loose cladding panels can completely ruin the overall effect that they can have. When they are functioning at optimal capacity, they are easily one of the most efficient insulating measures that you can have. However, when they are not fitted correctly, you will notice that your home will not be able to retain thermal energy particularly well. In the long-run, this can prove to be a costly issue, and is therefore one that you need to try to fix without delay.

General Wear-And-Tear

In reality, you should not be surprised that as time goes on, your cladding panels begin to show signs of wear-and-tear. After all, they will constantly be exposed to the natural elements, and this can take its toll. Being barraged by rainfall on a consistent basis, or buffeted by the strong gails that are routinely experienced during the harsh British winter, are all part-and-parcel of being a cladding owner. Thankfully, you can purchase replacement panels at prices that don’t force you to break the bank, ensuring that you don’t have to live with sub-par cladding.

The Overall Benefits

Despite the issues that have been mentioned above, cladding continues to be seen as a highly-valuable feature to have at domestic properties, and rightfully so. The benefits far outweigh the negatives; for example, you will be able to consistently save large amounts of money on your heating and energy bills. The improved insulation will time-and-again be something which you regard to be a blessing. In terms of visuals, there are few external decorating options that can compete with the stylishness that is present with high-end panelling, and you would do well to remember this.

Need More Information?

Whether you are tired of searching high-and-low for mahogany shiplap cladding, or have come to the conclusion that your guttering system could do with some much-needed replacements, you will be pleased to hear that in Bliby Plastics, you have a firm that will easily be able to resolve your problem. Though we are primarily known as a supplier of all-things uPVC related, we have also been known to stock top-of-the-range timber cladding, and we would love to be able to share this with you. In order to get the ball rolling, you will need to discuss your project in greater detail with our support team; you can do this by picking up the phone today and calling 01233 720 486.   

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