Clearing Soil And Drainage Pipes

There are many times when drain blockages can afflict your house and you may need different techniques to clear them. However, if this problem continues to occur on a frequent basis, then it may be necessary to invest some more time in ascertaining why it is happening. The soil pipe is one of the most vital pipes in the house and a blockage can cause it to stop working as well as affecting your toilet. If you notice your toilet or bath draining slowly, then these drainage pipes may be suffering from a blockage. Of course, one of the easiest ways to clean these pipes is to use a chemical cleaner that can dissolve elements in the blockage so water can move freely through the system again. However, this may not do the job if the blockage is too solid or too large. At this point you might want to try a plunger. These are great for sinks whereby the pump action can create pressure that can release the blockage. You will need to smear petroleum jelly around the base of the pump in order to create an effective sealant as well as covering the overflow with a wet cloth. This will help to create the pressure required to release the blockage. A plunger can be a very cheap and effective way of removing a blockage. The plunger can be used on a WC as well, although it can be very helpful to ascertain where the blockage is in the toilet. If other pipes show a slowdown in drainage then the blockage in your waste pipe may be further along and require something more than a plunger. A large plunger can typically remove any blockages in the water trap and is very effective at this.

Sometimes however, a sink trap may need to be manually removed and cleaned. You will need to place a bucket or bowl beneath the trap when you remove it since water will be in the pipe. Most traps can simply be unscrewed and disconnected very easily and cleaning will only take a few minutes. If that is where the blockage is, then testing with taps will confirm that it. However, if the blockage is further along then it may be time to invest in a drain rod. You will need to remove the trap again and use the rod to physically remove any blockage further along in the pipe. The rod may need to bend around sharp corners so it is helpful to invest in a piece of flexible wire that can do this. Most blockages will be around where sharp corners are located. Again, it is important to have a bucket or bowl nearby in case of any water coming back.

Guttering?can also be cleared by using flexible wire that can bend down the turns in the drainage. Leaves, moss and other bits of debris can become compressed and difficult for any chemicals to remove, so utilising this simple tool can prove to be very effective indeed.

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