Choosing New Fascia Boards For Your Home

 As you probably already know, your fascia boards are the horizontal boards that run around the top of your property and they close the gap between the walls and the roof. It goes without saying that fascia boards are an essential roofline product and if you have never replaced the fascia boards at your property before then now may be a good time to go so. Upgrading these will help to prevent any of the common problems associated with old and worn fascias. 

Nowadays, you will have a huge range of different fascia boards to choose from, no matter what your requirements may be, so you won’t struggle to find something that is perfect for your home. If you’re not really sure what you’re looking for in this regard and you’ve never purchased new fascia boards before, take some time to think about the following before attempting to narrow down the options offered by fascia cladding suppliers. 

The material options available for fascia boards

Traditionally, almost all properties had timber fascia boards and whilst these are still available for you to purchase, it is becoming increasingly common for homeowners to install PVC and uPVC fascia boards. There are a number of benefits to this material option, for example; it’s virtually maintenance-free, but it is worthwhile looking into different fascia board materials and weighing up each of their pros and cons before deciding which will be best for your home. 

The different sizes of fascia boards

It isn’t uncommon for fascia boards to come in more than one size and many fascia cladding suppliers will offer you at least two different options in this regard, most commonly; 9mm and 16mm. This measurement refers to the thickness of the board and generally speaking, you should use 9mm if you’re going to fix this to your existing fascia boards and 16mm if you’re completely replacing your boards. So, think about which size you’re going to require. 

The colours that you can choose from 

No matter which material you settle on for your new fascia boards, you will have a wide range of different colour options available to choose from too. Whilst many tend to opt for a classic white or a natural brown, there are many other colours available that are still worth considering. Take a look at what a fascia cladding supplier is able to offer in this regard and think about which option would best compliment your property and its surroundings. 

The various styles of fascia boards 

If you’re not familiar with fascia boards then you may not have realised that there are actually many different styles/types of fascia boards to choose from. Your options will include; square fascias, ogee fascias, bullnose fascias and cap-over fascias, and there are pros and cons to each of the different options available. It is worthwhile looking into these in more detail before deciding which will be most suitable for your home and your intended use. 

The other roofline products available

Whenever you’re replacing the fascia boards at your property it is important to consider whether you want to replace the other essential roofline products too, such as your soffit boards and guttering. Usually, it makes sense to replace all of these products at once, however, you don’t necessarily have to and if there’s nothing wrong with them, you may be able to simply remove and reinstall your gutters, for example. So, think about what you’d like to do in this regard. 

Finding a fascia cladding supplier 

Hopefully, if you’re considering replacing the current fascia boards at your home, thinking about everything mentioned above will help you to have a better idea of what your individual needs and preferences are relating to these roofline products. You can then begin to narrow down the vast range of options available on the market these days and ensure that you’re investing in the perfect solution for your home. 

When you’re looking for new fascia boards for your home, be sure to visit the Bliby Plastics website. We are a family-run fascia cladding supplier based in Kent and we have a huge selection of PVC products for you to choose from. We have been helping both homeowners and trade clients for decades now and we are known for supplying high-quality home improvement products at affordable prices. Feel free to browse our website today to see the different types of fascia cladding boards that we currently have available. 

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