A Helpful Guide to the Most Prominent Cladding Products

Over the past few years, there has been somewhat of a revolution when it comes to the construction of domestic properties. Gone are the days where brick and timber were the most desirable materials – there are other viable options which, whilst slightly cheaper, bring to the table other benefits. A perfect example of this is cladding, and as experts on the matter, we are well placed to talk you through the argument for investing. If you wish to know Bliby Plastics’ thoughts, all you need to do is continue reading below.

Hygienic Cladding

Should you be someone that typically values style over substance, it may be that hygienic cladding is just what you have been looking for. In our catalogue, this is the collection which features the most diverse array of choices when it comes to colours, meaning that you have the chance to have full creative license. Whether you wish to make a bold statement with a crimson red, or are a fan of the subtlety associated with deep blacks, you can be sure that you will be left completely satisfied with the final results.


Although there are undoubtedly some individuals reading this that believe that fascia does not classify as cladding, we still believe that it needs to be spoken about in the same breath. In essence, these are materials which enhance the exterior of your property, and are designed to be a base for guttering to be installed on. Once again, you will be pleased to learn that there is an abundance of styles to choose from, with the most popular easily being between mahogany and Irish oak.


When you are scouring through the various different types of cladding available on the market, it may have escaped your notice that there are countless roofing products being touted as the perfect accompaniment. In comparison to the other cladding units on this list, these are certainly tailored more to a functional standpoint. Self-supporting bars, for instance, are designed to reinforce your structure, and this is not something that should be discarded without a second though. Similarly, corrugated sheets may not be much to look at, but they execute their function to perfection.


Contrary to popular belief, there are a number of cladding products that can reside within the interior of your home, and still perform a fantastic job. For instance, Geo-Panels have seen their stock rise recently, and it is not difficult to see why. Their tightly-knit composition ensures that moisture and liquid is unable to infiltrate, and this makes them ideal for bathroom and shower walls. Often, the design of these resembles traditional tiling, and this means that you can retain a somewhat aesthetic, without sacrificing competency.

Need More Information?

Would you like to install wall cladding within your domestic home that is first-class in quality, but is not priced in such a fashion that will force you to break the bank to afford it? Do you live in the United Kingdom, and want to make a concerted effort to make it not only aesthetically pleasing, but also incredibly durable? 

Those of you that gave a positive response to either of the previous questions will be delighted to hear that Bliby Plastics is here to help. Though based in Kent, our services span the entirety of the country, and this illustrates the desire that we have to help our customers. Should you not yet be convinced, or want to discuss the merits of our cladding products, you can do so by getting in touch via the methods outlined on our website’s contact page

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