A Helpful Guide Regarding Fascia Styles

Despite the fact that, ordinarily, fascia boards do not get the love or attention that they deserve, it is important that you recognise that these are an integral part of your home, and should be treated as such. When the time eventually comes to find a full replacement for your existing set-up, you should try and find a style that accentuates and improves your home. This is an area that Bliby Plastics can assist you with; below, you can find our suggestions regarding some of the prominent designs that are currently on offer.

Black Ash

Should you be determined to try and achieve an understated aesthetic on the exterior of your home, you will be glad to learn that your search for a solution has come to a satisfactory conclusion. Black Ash, as the name suggests, looks to utilise a darker shade, and this will blend fantastically well with your current guttering set-up. Whilst it might not be particularly exciting in its design, it does its job incredibly well, and therefore should not be faulted for its perceived simplicity.


Most of the new-builds that you will find scattered around the country already have White fascias, and there is a very good reason for this. Whilst quite bright at first glance, these conform incredibly well to the minimalist trend that has remained popular over the past decade. When it comes to finding a product to invest in that will allow you to remain trendy and up-to-date with current styles, this is the ideal option for you.

Golden Oak

If you reside in a property that features a wealth of timber within its architectural structure, the likelihood is that you will want to try and blend your choice of fascias in with this. In times gone by, this would have been regarded as a nigh-on impossible task – not-so in this day-and-age. Recently the Golden Oak design came out, and proved to be an immediate hit. With this, you don’t have to worry about taking the focus off of your beautiful home’s period features.

Our Credentials Explained

For those of you that are determined to purchase uPVC fascia boards and soffit-related items, the chances are that you will want to enlist the help of specialists that have had significant exposure to the industry. In this regard, few can hope to match the proficiency that is routinely displayed by Bliby Plastics. Should you need any convincing of this fact, look no further than our ever-growing collection of Google Reviews – these will certainly illustrate why we are at the top of our field. 

Who Are We?

When the time comes to choosing your preferred uPVC cladding fascia boards, it is understandable that you will want to peruse through a collection that contains a wide range of colours. These building products will hopefully be there for years to come, and as such it is imperative that you purchase a style that you are comfortable with. If you are trying to find a firm that has an abundance of fascia and soffit boards from which to choose from, there is only one name that you need to be aware of. 


Here at Bliby Plastics, we are blessed with a healthy catalogue of options. Regardless of whether you require uPVC products which are easy-to-install, or capping boards that prevent water from seeping into your structure, we guarantee to leave you with a satisfactory outcome. Do you wish to discuss your requirements in greater detail with one of our customer support team? If so, we advise that you either return a completed enquiry form to us, or simply give us a call on 01233 720486. 

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